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Family Literacy of Georgia is making strides in Clayton County, Georgia. Brand awareness is growing as people make a connection between our mission of “improving communities of color by increasing access to quality books and literacy resources” and book-sharing stations, commonly referred to as little libraries.


Our most demonstrative success occurred in 2021 when Family Literacy of Georgia was selected to partner with the Little Free Library organization, creators of the Little Free Library concept in their roll-out of the Read in Color initiative.  An initiative that targeted 10 major United States markets to introduce communities of color to a network of diverse books and book-sharing stations.

Family Literacy of Georgia is striving to eliminate book deserts. Book deserts are geographical areas that lack access to (quality) books not including school textbooks. A desert is measured by the number of books within a family’s home as well as brick-and-mortar book installations. The benchmark for a household is 100 books. According to the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP), students who record less than 100 books in their home, average three years behind in academic achievement.


Mission & Vision

We strive to strengthen communities of color by increasing access to quality books and literacy resources.

Our vision is to see families with a minimum of 100 books in their household libraries and to turn the tide of book deserts in our communities.

Organization Values

Our values guide us in our daily operations as well as in setting our strategic long-term goals. 


We are committed to reaching a diverse population with an emphasis on children and families of color. We do this by identifying a diverse collection of books that include relatable images of Black, Asian, Hispanic, and indigenous children, as well as topics, themes, and characters that reflect how their life is currently or how they would like to live! 


We are dedicated to helping families build a legacy of learning. Following in the steps of generations before her, our Founder honors their legacy by serving her community and building education partnerships to support community development.


Our organization is data-driven. We use numbers to drive our decisions while seeking to impact the lives of the communities we serve. Many of our communities of color represent book deserts. We strive to reverse the numbers and improve the accessibility of literacy resources.


We are committed to families coming together to have fun! Whether it's through reading for pleasure, attending our literacy events, or volunteering to be part of our team. We have FUN! You can expect to hear a lot of laughter and a positive approach to any challenge set before us!


We are team builders. More means strong, so we build teams to influence more families. Our teams include other nonprofit organizations, corporations, unions, municipalities, children, and adults. A diverse team to support diverse communities with one mission.

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